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CCS Newsletter September 11th – Sepember 15th

Last week, at our first Opening Assembly, we read a book titled, Have You Filled a Bucket Today, and we talked about how every person, young and old, carries around an invisible bucket. When our bucket if full, we are filled with joy and when our bucket is empty, we feel sad and alone. We can fill other people’s bucket by saying kind things, being helpful, showing love and respect.

However, we can also dip into people’s bucket when we are rude, unkind or hurtful. God wants us to be “bucket fillers” not “bucket dippers”. Showing the Fruits of the Spirit is a great way to fill a bucket.

Our September Fruit of the Spirit is LOVE. During the month, every teacher will be looking for two students, in their class, who try extra hard to show love to one another. At the end of the month, during our Chapel time, we will recognize these students and they will earn a certificate, a prize and have their picture displayed on our “Crusader Corner” wall.


We had our Jog-a-thon kick off assembly today, and the kids are pumped! We cheered, danced and talked about how to be successful on the day of the jog-a-thon! This is such a fun event and an important fundraiser for our school and we are looking forward to another successful event.

Packets are coming home today with 15 forms to be filled out, with addresses of friends and family members, and then brought back to school. We will put stamps on the forms and mail them out for you.

If a student brings back all 15, they will earn a jog-a-thon t-shirt and their name will go into a drawing to win a prize! For each additional 5 forms students bring in, their name goes in again for the chance to win a prize.

Every Tuesday, from September 12th until the 26th, Mrs. Kathy will be in charge of prize patrol. She will go to each classroom to collect forms and pass out prizes. The kids love it! More information about the actual day of the jog-a-thon will come home throughout the rest of the month.

Thursday Hat Day

Every year, the students get the opportunity to wear a hat on Thursdays for $1.00. Later in the year, we will choose a student, family, community member or organization to donate our hat money to.

Canyonside students have blessed many lives, over the past years, with the hat donation money. We ask that students do not wear hats to school unless it is Thursday in order to keep “hat day” a special tradition.

Lost and Found

Our lost and found is located on the shelf across from the K-4 classrooms. If your child is missing a coat, sweatshirt, headband, etc… have them check our lost and found. Anything that we find outside or lying in the hallways, will always be put in lost and found for your convenience.

Measures of Academic Progress

We started our Measures of Academic Progress (MAP©) testing today. This is a nationwide test that assesses students in Reading, Writing and Language. We will test the students in the Fall, Winter and Spring to pinpoint areas of strength and areas we need to focus on. The teachers will use the data to help with their lesson planning and small group instruction. The Fall test will be a baseline score to show student growth over the year. We encourage students to “test their best” by getting a good night sleep and eating a healthy breakfast. When the MAP testing session is completely over, I will send home a student progress report, with an explanation of how to read the results. We have decided to include 1st grade in the Fall testing schedule.
The testing schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, September 11th: 3rd and 4th grade Reading
  • Tuesday, September 12th: 2nd grade Reading
  • Wednesday, September 13th: 1st grade Reading
  • Friday, September 15th: 3rd and 4th grade Language
  • Monday, September 18th: 2nd and 4th grade Math
  • Tuesday, September 19th: 1st grade Math and 3rd grade Math

Tuition and Billing

There have been a few people confused by their monthly tuition statements so I wanted to help clear up some of the confusion. Every month, you will receive two separate statements. The copy, that has “statement” written across the top, is the current balance that you owe. The other copy, that has “invoice” written at the top, is your new charge for the month. Your responsibility is to pay the amount on the copy that says statement.

The balances on the statement and invoice might be different if, for example, you paid extra money one month or if you still have an unpaid balance from a previous month. Payments are to be made by the 10th of every month. Don’t forget that if you pay with a credit card, a 3% convenience fee will be added to your total amount due. You can bring cash or a check into the school or you can mail it to us, if it is easier for you.

Upcoming Events

September 11-22: MAP Testing for grades 2nd through 4th
September 20: IRI Testing
September 20: PTF Candy Sales
September 25: School Pictures
September 28: School Spirit Day (more info to come)

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