Ms. Shelby 2019-20 photo

Ms Shelby Myhre

P.E./ Technology Teacher

My name is Shelby Myhre and this is my second year teaching at CCS. I will be teaching P.E. and Technology (Computers), along with helping in the Library and K-4 class I am currently attending the College of Southern Idaho as an Education major. I believe that every child is different and should be “fitted” to their personal learning style.

I have been fortunate to grow up going to church and have learned the “right” things to say and do… but it was only just a religion.  During the summer of 2015, my life changed, I felt the Lord pulling on my heart and I gave my life over to Christ.  Since then, God has been extremely loving and constantly protecting me. God has continually blessed me through hard times and kept His hand over me.  He is always providing and always so good to me, taking me away from harm.  Day to day He shows me all of His blessings, some being through an amazing, supportive family and group of friends. He’s given me a loving mentor, Josie Gott.  My relationship with Christ has become just that, an ever growing and strengthening relationship rather than a “to-do” religion.

Favorite Quote: